Anthropology Club theme parks-themed month!

These were my first visits to Adventure City and Scandia and I gotta say… better than expected! But it really isn’t that challenging to have a fun time when we went with really low expectations LOL! Seeing as Disneyland, Knott’s, Six Flags, Universal Studios, are all so popular (and too mainstream) we chose this theme to show appreciation for the lesser-known amusement parks; the underdogs~

here’s a quick review of both if you didn’t come with Anthro and wanted to go yourself:


price: $13 after a $2 off coupon… ehh the price was decent for the number of rides we went on

rides: only 2 actual “roller coasters”: Treetop Racers (sharp turns were scary!) & Freeway Coaster and

Drop Zone.

definitely mostly baby rides, but I personally still found them thrilling and fun! I always find it fun to feel like a kid again sometimes :)

food: n/a we didn’t have a meal there 

merchandise: they had really cute hats and other souvenir-type products in a gift shop

but we only bought this crewneck sweaters (worn by the staff) for around $20 :

design isn’t too special, but we had to buy it for the memories and, of course, the Memberies

cleanliness: good! the park is targeted towards kids under 10, so we were surprised to find the park grounds pretty spotless!

lines: LOOKED lengthy, but mostly because of the parents accompanying their kids in line

overall: we only stayed for an afternoon but I would go again!!!!!!…… but really not anytime soon LOL only if I ever have kids of my own and they haven’t discovered the magic that is Disneyland yet.


price: around $7 for unlimited rides & miniature golf for meeee! YAY FOR 4 A’s last semester ^___^ GO NOW! OFFER ENDS MARCH 18th!

rides: A LOT more intense and variety! Scandia Screamer was my favorite! and the Nordic Spaceship (UFO spinny ride) was such a unique experience; you spin so fast gravity pulls you against the wall. go-karts, water bumper, swinging Viking ship, and more! plus they also had an arcade and batting cages!

food: no bueno…hot dogs, nachos, chili cheese fries, funnel cakes… nothing special & nothing satisfying 

merchandise: they only had souvenir cups…. (Marilyn bought one)

cleanliness: it smelled when we first got in the parking lot, but other than that the park was clean!

lines: the longest line of the day was the one to buy wristbands into the park… we went on a good day ^__^

overall: a very tiring day and I definitely got my money’s worth! I’d only go again if they had this promotion again LOL

hope this was useful information! I know this is Tumblr and not Yelp but ok